May 2024 Newsletter

May 2024
Welcome everyone to our very first newsletter here at Renew! 
Let us introduce ourselves.
Matt Rieder– I have been a Doctor of Physical Therapy for 15 years.  I love to run, climb and my great passion is scuba diving for giant fossilized shark teeth (just don’t ask me where I find them!).  My other passion is using my expertise as a physical therapist to help active people find the root cause of their pain and limitations and create a game plan to get them back doing the things they love.  I use the same determination and persistence to find out what my clients underlying issues are as I  do diving in zero visibility water for a mega shark tooth.  My clients always say “I’ve never had a therapist do that before!”   That is what sets us apart.   
Sandy Rieder– I have been a RN, BSN for 25 years.  I’ve recently completed training as a nurse coach.  What does that mean??  Glad you asked.  I help people achieve the state of mind that allows them to overcome the obstacles that stand between  them and achieving their goals.  Whether you are feeling stuck in your health, life, job, relationships… I can help and I LOVE doing it.  
 I am also a mom to 2 incredible teenagers and have a new hobby of baking.  I love to go on walks, sit on my front porch and listen to the birds and watch the butterflies.  
We are currently seeing physical therapy clients at Funkytown Fitness-
105 Southpark Blvd, St. Augustine, FL 32086.
Coaching clients can be seen virtually or in-person if local.
Referral Program
If you make a referral and someone comes on for a paid therapy evaluation or coaching visit- you receive a $25 credit towards any Renew services.
If you make a referral and someone signs on for a therapy package or coaching container- you receive a $100 credit towards any Renew services. 
Client Spotlight -Sharon
Sharon came to us at Renew because she had to stop one of her favorite activities- walking- due to pain.  We couldn’t stand by and let that happen.  Listen to what Sharon had to say.

“At the suggestion of my gym, Funkytown Fitness, I signed up for a free injury check on my aching knee with Matt. I had been putting off getting check out for over 2 years and this was a convenient way to have my issue at least looked at. Matt was able to diagnose my problem immediately, and I signed up for 6 sessions, although skeptical of results in such a brief period of time. After the first session I was pain free on most tasks, and after 2 appointments, I took a pain free 5 mile hike! The remaining PT appointments helped with balance, flexibility and hip mechanics! I highly recommend Renew Physical Therapy! So good to be getting back to my hikes!”

Check out more stories from our happy clients in our Google reviews here

What sets us apart from your typical insurance based physical therapy clinic

You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to come and see us.
  No need to wait weeks to get in to see your doctor, then wait on an x-ray, then wait on getting a physical therapy appointment.  We are putting you back in control of your healthcare.  We offer a free discovery phone call to discuss your issue. Call to schedule at 904-599-5459. 

We won’t put you on an exercise bike and come back in 10 minutes. When you come to Renew, you get our undivided attention from the SAME therapist for a full hour.  No cookie cutter exercises from us.  Matt Rieder, DPT is dedicated to individualizing your care and continually assessing your plan of care to make sure it’s working for you. You won’t see multiple therapists or assistants who aren’t familiar with your care.  It’s impossible because Matt is the only guy we have!  

The Insurance company doesn’t get to decide your care.  YOU DO!
You know why we created this business as a cash pay practice?  We got tired of insurance companies telling us what is best for our clients and putting handcuffs on how we treat.  We think healthcare care is best done as a partnership between the client and practitioner.  So when you come into Renew, you don’t have to worry about getting a letter from your insurance company denying your care.  We will always do what is best for you.
Click here to read Matt’s article on How to Choose the Right Physical Therapy Clinic for you. 
Are you curious on how Transformative Wellness Coaching can help you?
Sandy here. Most of my clients had never heard about my type of coaching and didn’t know what to expect.   But once they experienced it, they looked at me with gratitude in their voice and left a changed person.  Here are some questions to consider.
What does health mean to you?
What needs to change in your present lifestyle so that you can achieve the life you desire?
When was the last time you were able to talk undistracted about the things that matter most to you?
Does any of that pique your curiosity??  If so, reach out to schedule a free discovery call with me at 904-599-3547.
We are excited to serve our community and beyond.  Follow us on social media on Facebook and Instagram @renewstaug
Best Wishes
Matt & Sandy Rieder